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English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) 


General English

CRICOS Code: 097896G        



Our ELICOS General English course has been designed to offer comprehensive program to help build your confidence and fluency in core English language skills such as reading, speaking, writing and listening. Studying General English will equip you with a set of English language skills that relate to your future studies, basic study skills, work and also to the Australian culture.


At Tr4in Right, we offer four levels of ELICOS General English from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate levels.  You will be required to undertake a Placement Test to determine your entry point or what level is suitable for you.


There are exciting excursions, themed lessons, incursions and social recreations to help you build your practical communication skills for a range of situations. You will meet people from different cultural backgrounds and will be encouraged to interact with them.


Our General English course is taught at Tr4in Right’s Melbourne Campus and can be packaged with accredited courses into one offer letter (other conditions apply).



ELICOS General English focuses on developing practical communication skills as well as English proficiency levels for students by following a set of objectives in order to achieve the following learning outcomes for each level:

• Improved basic study skills

• Improved writing techniques

• Improved presentation and conversational skills

• Improved reading techniques

• Advanced listening skills



● You must be 18 years of age or older

● You must have a valid student visa that allows you to study in Australia during the duration of your course.

Note:  Visa Options

If you hold a Visitor or Working Holiday Visa, you may enrol in English Language course from 5 weeks to 4 months depending on your visa conditions.  Other type of visa that grants you with study rights in Australia is acceptable. Your visa classification must meet the criteria for this program. The duration of your course will be based on your visa condition. Please contact us if you need some information or refer to to find out more about Australian visas.


10 – 46 weeks full time   

The duration of your course will depend on your study requirements and visa conditions.

General English Level          [Duration]   









20 hours per week classroom study 

(ELICOS students must attend 80% or above of scheduled contact hours)



Classroom – face to face on campus 


We offer weekly intakes throughout the year (every Mondays and Wednesdays)



General English course is continuous and includes:

• Weekly grammar and vocabulary revision tests

• A range of tasks based on reading, listening, speaking and writing skills

• Mid-program and end of program tests that are conducted on the basis of:

• Written tests (included creating various formatted texts)

• Oral tests (includes transactional speech through role-plays and presenting topics)

• Grammar and vocabulary revision tests

• Listening and reading tasks


Based on your test results (including the weekly test results), it is possible for you to progress to the next English language level.  We encourage you to make the most of your studies.  Your teacher will consider your performance and overall participation in class.



Enrolment fee:  $250.00

Material Fee:     $100 (additional $60 for each level)

Tuition fee:       $250.00

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



Direct application

Once you’re ready to get started, simply hit the Apply Now button on your preferred course information page and get your application underway online. 

Each level has 10 weeks duration 

(holiday/term breaks are to be included)